About Us

I got my first German Shepherd dog 40 years ago and have owned several more since then – from American bred to highly-trained imports.

 They have truly been a highlight in my life and have proven to be very satisfying…what an experience to be involved with these incredible dogs!  We want to share that experience and joy with people like yourself by providing adorable puppies that exhibit the unique qualities of this very special breed.

My wife had always considered herself “a cat person” but quickly changed her position after owning a couple of GSD.   We live on 5 acres in rural NW Volusia County Florida and enjoy having a small kennel (on purpose) – we are only interested in producing healthy, quality pups.   We have no respect or desire to churnout pup after pup.   Our dogs and puppies have plenty of room to roam and play with each other throughout the day. They are not “kennelized“ dogs.  We take great strides in caring for your future puppy!

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